In December, the two projects carried out under the Collective Action Incentive Scheme are completed, funded through the Northern Regional Operational Program, the European Union and the European Regional Development Fund. The ‘Capital do Móvel – Feeling the Essence’ project was aimed at promoting Internationalization and the ‘M&V: Competitiveness Challenge’ to Qualification, both promoted by the Paços de Ferreira Business Association (AEPF) over the last two years. Closing ceremonies are scheduled for December 20, 2019, at 10:00 am Project CM – Feeling the Essence and at 2:30 pm Project M&V: Competitiveness Challenge, at AEPF.

The ‘M&V: Competitiveness Challenge’ project aimed to boost entrepreneurial skills, increase productivity, boost innovation and cooperation and enhance the competitiveness of companies in the market by creating the necessary support tools to empower participating companies, stimulating their competitiveness and fostering sustainable regional development.

The project ‘Capital do Móvel – Feeling the Essence’ was intended to reinforce the business capacity needed to develop new business models and new business models, as well as investing in internationalization, with a positive impact on exports and visibility of the North as an exporting region. To this end, the guideline was to address the needs of the enterprises’ business in the fields of promotion, dissemination, access to foreign markets, image and international visibility.

The present event will present a retrospective of the course of each project followed by a final report on its implementation and culminating in the presentation of results achieved and the noticeable impacts on society.