Aiming to improve and increase the companies’ competitivity and the region social and economic development, Associação Empresarial de Paços de Ferreira (AEPF) is a public service non-profit organization which stands out for its multi sectorial features. Thus, AEPF represents economical agents from different areas – enhancing the furniture, textile and metalworking. At AEPF, we believe that the industry, commerce and society quality, starts in each of its companies, which together lead to the council and region global economic development.

Nevertheless, AEPF believes that people make the companies and society, this way we promote professional training towards the peoples’ qualifications, encouraging the region development, not only through companies but also the assets. AEPF provides its associates with crucial services to a good management and to a full development of its associated companies.

AEPF intervention strategy and performance has as basis three great goals:

  • Represent, defend and promote the economic , social professional and cultural interests of its associates;
  • Develop plans and actions which contribute to the competitiveness of the working activity sectors in the region;
  • Organize services and implement initiatives promoting the business development, stimulating and reinforcing the associative movement.

This way, AEPF takes on a double role: represent the companies and surrounding community and an excellent technical and recognized quality services provider.
With three great departments (Professional Training, Companies Support, Fairs and Events), AEPF has available to the associates – and local enterprises – services executed by highly qualified professionals, with solid knowledge of the sector reality and directed to the specific needs of each company.

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