“Capital do Móvel – Feeling the Essence”

The project “Capital do Móvel – Feeling the Essence” is part of a set of actions to empower the local wooden furniture companies, increasing their businesses internationalization, improving their image, marketing innovation, information about the external commerce and advertise the export offer.

The main actions include:

  • Creating a new digital multilanguage website “E-furniture” to promote the offer and stimulate the cooperation between companies and the usage of digital media on their business actions;
  • Develop a marketing Access Directory to work as a support tool to exportation and interpretation of the external commerce rules, export financing and recommendations to improve the access to international markets and attract new clients;
  • An image campaign to increase visibility on the international markets, which is part of an ideas contest for the Capital do Móvel image restyling, elaborate multilanguage communication tools for the international promotion, produce viral micro videos for digital marketing promotion, (trends, innovation, modern lifestyle), publicity on specialized social media (newspapers, magazines, digital social media), national and international;
  • Traveling exhibitions on reference spaces targeted for international markets, such as: Spain, France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom and Sweden which enhance the international presence and offers promotion;
  • Hold International conferences with journalists, opinion-makers, importers, international organizations representatives, business associations, professional associations, among others, in order to promote international collaborative processes, improve the image and publicize the national offer.

Project Form