M&V: Competitiveness Challenge

The main objective of this project is: To improve the governance capacity of the business fabric of the Furniture and Clothing sectors of Paços de Ferreira, Lousada and Paredes.

The main actions involve:
– Information production to define new strategic positions: elaboration of a study on trends and prospective vision to improve strategic and innovation positions in the target sectors and regions;
– Development of good business cooperation practices: “Competitiveness Workshops” to discuss cooperation and innovation issues such as competitiveness factors, align strategies and recommendations to increase inter-company and creative industry cooperation; SCT entities and promote innovation. Develop a directory of Best Practices and Recommendations;
– Encouraging innovation as a factor of competitiveness: a “M&V – Improbable Combinations” creative ideas competition to stimulate creation through design, added value and regional synergies between Furniture and Clothing and the creative industry;
– Production of management information in strategic areas – Production of specialized information to support audience management guidelines that foster sustained and competitive growth;
– Dissemination of project results – public session to disseminate project results, their quantitative and qualitative assessment and to induce fertilization and sustainability effects.

Project Fact Sheet