Project Presentation

On the 27th April 2018, the Project Capital do Móvel (Project CM) presentation session happened – Feeling the Essence, in the Capital do Móvel Exhibition Park. The project is part of the Collective Actions Support System, with the financial and institutional support of the North Regional Coordination and Development Commission, thru the Portugal 2020 funds.

The Project CM was conceived having as main focus promoting the companies internationalization on the furniture and textile industries on the Paços de Ferreira, Paredes and Lousada, dominating councils of AEPF intervention area.

The M&V Project is a challenge to competitivity, aims to expand the companies skills, increase productivity, push innovation and cooperation, boost companies competitivity on the market. We strongly believe that we will create the support tools, necessary to capacitate the participating companies, stimulating their competitivity and encourage a sustainable regional development. Cumulatively, the Project aims to contribute for the territorial cluster, promoting the marketing organizational innovation, with side effects on a cross spread to other geographical areas up North and to other sectors (tourism and hospitality sector, for example), promote the interaction between creative industries’ and the scientific system organizations – technologic (SCT), which demonstrate a high potential on creating

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